Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Blog

This my first blog. I will try to share my personal as well as professional experience.
Just little introduction about myself. Where to start......
About my personal information. My name is tejas. i am married. My dearest wife name is Komal. Now a days i am in A'bad-Gujarat. My parents leaved in Maharashtra. i had a brother who going to married in this Feb. Oh i forgot to told about anniversary date. It is on valentine date :) . Nice na. But unfortunately we are not celebrating our anniversary together.On that day she is at my hometown and i am at the work place. My home town name is Goregaon in Raigad district. I spend my childhood there.
About my professional information;i am B.E.Chemical Engineer. But now in software industry as Software Tester.
I had idea about blogging from my profession. Currently i used this for testing purpose.

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