Friday, December 21, 2007

Comparison of Web based bug tracking tools

Michael Flanakin gives the comparison of different bug tracking tools available in the market. He posted this on his blog named

He gives ranking for the different web based bug tracking tools and then detail overview of each tool.

The features that he compared are language ; latest version ; type of license ; date last reviewed ; whether the tool supported custom fields ; templating ; full-text searches; RSS output; notification service ; built-in reports ; change history ; file attachments ; when the tool was updated; and, lastly, whether there is a demo available or not.

To view this comparison in detail please visit to


Mani Jain said...

Thanks Tejas for sharing this information. Michael has published a good comparision table for Web based Bug Tracking Tools.
I would also like to introduce a tool to you all that I have recently come across, Projistics BugTracker. In accordance to Michael's ranking, it would hold 8 points. You all can have a look on a comparision table published by Projistics at

tejasonnet said...

Thanks mani;
For your reply. This is first comment on my blog ( Although it is not origenal :) ). I definately look over your suggested tool. As i am in search of bug tracking tool which is useful in our projects.
Thanks for reading blog.